Welcome Back!!!

We had a great first week! We reviewed the rules and routines of our classroom. We learned and practiced independent reading and some literacy stations. We had fun!

This week: (August 22 – 26)

We will continue to go over the rules and routines of the classroom but we will also begin counting and writing numbers 1- 30. We will also learn about the season of summer.

*We will have a homework assignment next week! On Monday, I will send home your child’s homework folder in their binder. Please help your child to complete their homework and return it to school on Friday!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! I can be reached by email at jholmes@ccps.us.


Turkey in Disguise Project

Please check your child’s homework folder for our new project.  Your child will have a turkey that needs to hide for Thanksgiving.  You may cut your turkey out and disguise him/her as another animal, book or movie character, or a person!

This project is due NOVEMBER 9th.  We will write about our turkeys and hang them up in the hallway for everyone to see.  Below are some examples from previous years.

download (1) downloadimages (2) images

Have Fun!!!

Upcoming Events!

September 28 – October 2 – This week the book fair will be at our school. Please check your child’s binder for a paper where you child recorded their wish list for the items they would like to purchase. If you would like for your child to purchase something from the book fair you can send in money this week or you can attend the book fair on Tuesday night during back to school night from 5-7.

September 29 – Back to school night 5 -7pm.

October 2 – Muffins with Mom

October 6 – Field Trip to Riverside Center! Remember you need a packed lunch that is NUT FREE!

October 8 – Picture Day!

October 12 – Take your parents to lunch day. You can come have lunch with your child at school. Our lunch time is 11:00 – 11:30. (More information will be coming home in the Thursday folder)

Beginning of the Year Reminders

I am so very excited to begin this new year with your children!  The first week of school has come and gone.  The students were introduced to the new routines in 1st grade and were very excited to learn everything about 1st grade!

Just a couple of reminders for the beginning of the year.  Please return all forms that were sent home last week.  If you have not signed and turned in the computer agreement form, please do.  Without this form your child will not be able to use the computers in the classroom and the computer labs in the school.  If you need another copy, please email me at jholmes@ccps.us. 

Be on the look out for homework this week.  Every week there will be a homework calendar stapled in your child’s agenda.  Any worksheets that are homework will be located in your child’s Homework Folder.  All homework is due on Fridays.

Let’s get this amazing year started!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!!

Special March News and Dates

We have some important dates coming up in March!

March 13 – Donuts with Dad (This is a change because of inclement weather)

March 17 – Reading Night and our Famous Americans Program from 6:00 – 7:30.

Also the entire month of March is reading month! We are reading the book Mysteries According to Humphrey and we are becoming “Major League Readers” by reading as many books as we can!

This week we were visited by the Flying Squirrels mascot, Nutsy, and each child got a bookmark that they need to fill out after reading 8 books and return to school. If you fill it out and return it by March 27th, your student will receive their very own free ticket to a Flying Squirrels baseball game!

Stay tuned for pictures of our class becoming “Major League Readers” in the next few weeks!


This is Nutsy and he makes us go nuts for reading!

Updated Grading

I wanted to make you aware of a few changes to the way that some assignments will be graded in the New Year. In order to best prepare your student for 2nd grade, I am going to begin counting number and letter reversals as wrong answers. This means that if your student writes a b instead of a d on a spelling test, that it will no longer be counted correct. In addition, I will also be grading the word wall words as part of the spelling test.  Previously I only checked if your student could read the word and circled it if they could not.  Now, these words will be graded if your child can read them or not.  I have discussed this with the students, but you may also want to discuss this at home. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to email me at jholmes@ccps.us.

Note to Parents


Last Thursday, I sent home your student’s yellow folder with forms inside that need to be filled out and returned to school as soon as possible! I have received most of the forms but I am still missing a few. Please take the time to fill out these forms and return them to school. Also please let me know if you need another copy of a form and I will be happy to get that for you!

For homework this week I sent home an “All About Me” poster for you and your student to fill out. This needs to be filled out and returned to school on Friday. Please take the time to work on this with your student because I will be hanging it up in our classroom.