Beginning of the Year Reminders

I am so very excited to begin this new year with your children!  The first week of school has come and gone.  The students were introduced to the new routines in 1st grade and were very excited to learn everything about 1st grade!

Just a couple of reminders for the beginning of the year.  Please return all forms that were sent home last week.  If you have not signed and turned in the computer agreement form, please do.  Without this form your child will not be able to use the computers in the classroom and the computer labs in the school.  If you need another copy, please email me at 

Be on the look out for homework this week.  Every week there will be a homework calendar stapled in your child’s agenda.  Any worksheets that are homework will be located in your child’s Homework Folder.  All homework is due on Fridays.

Let’s get this amazing year started!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!!